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Welcome to Cartography Hub!

We are a small community of fantasy cartographers who are looking to offer our services to you. Here we have gathered professional and hobbyist cartographers so you can easily find one you like without searching for hours.

What can you find here?

If you're looking for map

  • We can do maps for variety of tabletop rpgs(ttrpgs) like: Pathfinder, DnD, WeirdspaceRPG, Homebrews and any other
  • Maps for books(usually it’s traditional or black and white variants)
  • Maps for games
  • Maps for your collection 🙂
  • Probably any other application you need them for(if it’s fantasy themed)

    Just find a cartographer that you like and message them through listed contacts on their page. Otherwise, join our discord server and talk with many of them directly. If they are online that is. Most featured cartographers on site are members of our discord community.

If you're cartographer

You can join our discord and be a part of a community and even apply to be featured on the site. You would only need a couple of maps for your page to start. You can find out more here.

Down there you can check map examples of currently featured cartogaphers(1 from each).

You can go browse specific categories as well, currently we have 4:

  • Fantasy maps – general category which probably can cover most of needs for tabletop world and region maps.
  • Traditional maps – hand-drawn on traditional medium(basically paper), usually black and white(Most cartographers provide scanned digital versions as well).
  • Battle maps – specific locations, like dungeons, villages and such, if you need them – go there.
  • Space maps – fairly unexplored category, like in real life, huh. Basically anything related to space, like solar systems, galaxies, etc.

    You can access them right after examples carousel, or in the menu on the top right.
We host Cartographer(s)

Example Works

Space Maps

Galaxies, star systems, any other stellar bodies.

Fantasy Maps

Worlds, regions, etc, etc.

Traditional Maps

Hand-drawn, traditional medium.

Battle Maps

Encounters, small areas, villages, and more.

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