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Well, where to start? I’m fantasy cartographer, Anzhc.
Creating maps is my main source of income, it started as a hobby for personal projects though. I started doing it in… 2018 i think? At the time it still was only a hobby, but one that can get me couple dollars once a couple months. It was being as such until start of 2021. A truly wonderful year for me.

2021 is big for me, cartography established itself as a viable way to live, and, till this day im still doing it as main job.

I have over 150 reviews on Fiverr – you can check them if you want to do deeper research, but i still will provide you with couple down there, with maps of according customer as background.

You wont find anything that you probably interested in in there though, because at the day of writing this(20.11.2021) i have only 1 non-5 star review, and it’s 4 star(Reason for it not being 5 is pretty questionable as well, you can ask me personally if you want ot hear about it xD).

My work process/ethic i guess?


I’m asking for 100% upfront(percentage can vary in some specific cases, but wont change for any standard map order).


Basically, i’m going to do what you ask me to, if i’m able to.

There is no limits on places, landmarks or anything like that, the only limit is resolution you ordered.

I’m not drawing anything custom, unlrss you’re ready to pay for work of my friend as well, because i’ll have to ask him to create an asset in that case.

I’m not going to try and do something that was not asked of me. This does not include cases when you ask me to just do “something” – then i do “something” – where “something” is not something specific.

There is no time limit on my work, usually it’s not about customer waiting for me to be done with map, but me waiting for next info input so i can do adjustments. In some extremes in cam continue for couple months, im patient.

I’m not going to bother with watermarks, you’re going to receive proper pngs of in-process things on any stage of work, which a do pretty much at any stage when i finish my work for a day. Or anytime you want to see it.

2 paragraphs above are true only for 100% upfront orders. That’s why i do that. Without that i will be hindering myself with unnecessary steps, like watermarks and worrying about client. There was no precedent of me being late, so im not worrying about my part.


1080p Map

  • Format - PNG
  • Resolution - 1920X1080
  • Upscaled Resolution - 3840X2160
  • Real life size (300 DPI) - 6.4x3.6 inches; 12.8 x 7.2 upscaled
  • Commercial Use - Yes
  • Delivery time in common case - Up to 4 days
  • Possible uses i would recommend - TTRPG(DnD for example), books(But they are better off with slightly bigger map, for native res for print use)

8K Map

  • Format - PNG
  • Resolution - 7680X4320
  • Upscaled Resolution - 15360X8640
  • Real life size (300 DPI) - 25.6x14.4 inches; 51.2x28.8 upscaled
  • Commercial Use - Yes
  • Delivery time in common case - Up to 21 days
  • Possible uses i would recommend - Advanced worldbuilding, something custom, im not even sure, this is pretty huge.

All mentioned sizes are only for reference, in reality most of maps are variations of them, like 1920×1080 can be 1500×1500 to get square maps and so on.

Also you can order any size, pricings featured here are only for reference, so you can have idea how i charge.

Be sure to double check what size you need, so you wont go for overkill option. 4K is probably best middleground if you dont know what you need, but you always can ask me first.



Just 3 reviews from real clients, maps they ordered are in background of reviews. First and second have all maps ordered combined in one picture.

Absolutely amazing experience with what is obviously a very skilled cartographer! Would highly recommend to anyone who wants their world brought to life!

Jayglenn337 Fiverr Review

I was looking for a cartographer to make maps for my book. anzhc_ knew the perfect way to deliver my ideas to paper in a quick manner. The quality is certainly more than worth it.

Jagraeff99 Fiverr Review

Seller was great and turned my map around extremely quickly. He was quick with a few small additions at the end as well. He was great to work with and I love my final product. I can't wait for my readers to see my world on a page!

Fleming87 | Robert Fleming, writer Fiverr Review | You can find that map on Fleming's site as well

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